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What is a CougPack?

A CougPack is a collection of information assembled for instructional purposes. Typically, CougPacks include articles and excerpts from journals, books, textbooks, and other copied materials.


Why CougPacks?

The rising cost of textbooks has students concerned about the value and usefulness of some required class materials. CougPacks are a great value because they are used cover to cover and instructors can tailor the content of the CougPack each semester to meet the needs of a dynamic course curriculum. Unlike textbooks, there are no marketing or transportation costs built into the price.


Content flexibility

Departments save time and money

Professional appearance

Better value and affordability than textbooks

examples of three printed CougPacks, spiral and comb binding

Product description:

Black and white, double-sided

Coil Binding

Page numbering (created by CougPrints Plus)

Front and back covers (created by CougPrints Plus)


Desk copy: Courtesy desk copies are provided for faculty/TA’s with delivery.


Turnaround time

Plan for 2-5 business days. Contact CougPrints Plus to discuss accommodating rush jobs.


Departmental purchases

Departments can place a bulk order for CougPacks for their students.

Contact Jordan Clinger (335-1647) or email for a price quote.


Copyright for CougPacks

Whenever you make a copy of copyrighted material, copyright laws come into play. Instructors are responsible for clearing copyright permissions for materials included in the course packs they assign. Court rulings over the past 30 years have made it clear that copyright clearance (permission) is required for all copyright protected information reproduced in course packs.

 A copyright permission form (included on the submission form) is required for all CougPack submissions.


How to create a CougPack

PDF or Word doc

  1. Create a master file in sequential order (8.5″ x 11″- letter Size).
  2. Export to PDF or save the Word document.
  3. Fill out the CougPack request form and upload your file.


Hard copy originals (books, journals, etc.)

  1. Compile all of your proposed course pack materials in sequential order. This includes all books, journals, papers, etc.
  2.  Include a table of contents and bibliography.
  3. Mark all pages to be produced with sticky notes or paper clips.
  4. Fill out and submit the CougPack request form (indicate hard copy in the file format section).
  5. Bring hard copy materials to CougPrints Plus in the CUB.


Estimates are available upon request.

Create a CougPack!


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